about wakai

Wakai (meaning: ‘fresh’) is your gateway to luxury dining, viewed through a traditional Japanese lens. Our food philosophy is simple: interweaving authentic Japanese recipes with contemporary influences, our highly trained team curates a extravagant experience that offers your taste buds a gastronomical expedition through Japan’s uncharted hinterlands.

Our Craft

Using ancient traditional techniques and the finest quality ingredients imported right from the island nation; Wakai gives new meaning to its lingual translation. Like they say, this is wholesome Japanese food, at its epicurean best.

Our People

Shardul Bayas Singh -

Spearheading experiential dining in India

Shardul Bayas Singh is an entrepreneur with varied interests. From having a strong footing in the Fin-Tech and Advertising segment, he is growing his portfolio as a restaurateur this year.

Sameer Tirani -

A fitness enthusiast with a zest for the GOOD LIFE

Mr. Sameer Tirani is a senior banker with over two decades of experience in liabilities and asset businesses, strategic planning and implementation coupled with expertise in setting up systems and sales processes.

Parvez Khan -
Executive Chef and Founder

Conjurer of Japanese cuisine

The core of Japanese cooking is harmony in every detail. Tasting notes of bitter (nigai), sour (suppai), salty (siakaray), sweet (amai), spicy (punish) are used to craft a balanced melody on the palate.